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Consulting Approach

 The core competence of Ute Clement Consulting lies in initiating, implementing and accompanying international projects and processes for companies. The integration of companies, changes in existing organisations, or the management of projects are our main areas. We structure change processes, integration processes (PMI) and project support and thus make it possible to control, visualise and communicate them.

Our approach uses the top-down (visions, strategies, etc.) and bottom-up process (feedback loops). The feedback obtained from the employees involved results in the revision and adjustment of strategies and in modified implementation methods. We use communication as our most important tool, based on our broad, in-depth expertise. Ute Clement Consulting develops a communication architecture for your change processes, integration processes and project support .

RoadmapThe focus  is on creating  a structure for working and interacting with people. We form core teams, hold integration workshops and control the flows of information in the form of a cascade. We create platforms and forums on which the necessary contacts can be generated and the necessary changes explained.  

Ute Clement Consulting works out the significance of the change process for the individual. It is important that communication is clear, direct and easy to understand and that everyone is given the opportunity to contribute his or her relevant concerns. At the same time, we ensure that the necessary measures are decided upon and implemented. A roadmap  for the change process visualises the steps planned.

Changes need time; social processes cannot be accelerated. Or as Ute Clement likes to formulate it: ‘Grass will not grow quicker if you pull on it.’ In this respect, our work has a mid- and long-term orientation. Seminars as isolated solutions are not a reliable means for achieving this; permanent practising of the behaviour, processes and measures of change, however, pays off. In the process, we support you with our coaching and cross-cultural coaching tools.  

We have comprehensive expertise in both business administration and methodology. This knowledge and its practical implementation in a host of projects make it possible for us to work in differentiated roles. Ute Clement Consulting is able to use a business administration tool such as e.g. the Balanced Score Card. The implementation of measures may be realised by means of systemic tools, thus giving an unequivocal answer to the question ‘How do I know that it works?’ Our approach includes a new understanding of consulting that makes it possible to process an organisation’s different dimensions of meaning at the same time.
We are measured by our deeds and not by our words. Exemplification by one’s own actions and direct experience move people, and that is precisely the strength of Ute Clement Consulting.