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8. Sustainable Implementation

Leoni VoucherIf the change process is only driven by one person, the success or failure of the change depends entirely on that person. This is the worst possible constellation, and it is not found that infrequently in practice. Without this person, change soon starts to falter and the organisation reverts back to its old ways, like a reflex.

We therefore consider it necessary to create a structure that works largely independently of individual persons. Right from the start, the goal is to transfer responsibility on a team. In a second step, the aim is to qualify and use people in the organisation as multipliers. Their task is to invite their colleagues and to get them to participate, thus facilitating change on a broad front.

The goal is to get many of the employees affected ‘active’ as quickly as possible. A person’s own experience is the guarantee for understanding and forms the growing opportunity for permanent change. In actual fact, each of the participants wants to be involved, that is why he or she is there.