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4. Change Process

Each project is unique. Preformed opinions and concepts are not helpful; they do not support the constructive development of change.

At the same time, however, a clear structure of the key processes needs to be drawn up. You are entering new territory, the paths are not well trodden and the unexpected regularly occurs. In these scenarios, we at Ute Clement Consulting retain an overview of the situation and make processes visible, transparent and thus manageable. In doing so, we build on our many years of comprehensive experience in change processes, in which we have assisted and are assisting management in our capacity as pilots of change.

We plan the communication processes with you, agree how decisions are made, and determine the parameters and milestones for the project work: At what intervals are which meetings held? Who designs the agenda? Who participates? Who facilitates? Who is responsible for traking the minutes, etc.?

grpicIn the workshops of the implementation phase, we use the GRPIC model  as a means of structuring. The letters stand for Goals, Roles, Processes, Interaction and Culture.

More than ever, planning change is one of the core tasks of management. However, this task is not part of the day-to-day business and has nothing to do with the ongoing business processes. If change processes fail, the damage to the organisation is considerable. That is why the involvement of external specialists is urgently recommended. They deal with processes of change on a permanent basis, help to actively shape them and have acquired the appropriate experience. Their role is as ‘helpers, doers and movers’. Let’s talk!