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3. Team Development

 We at Ute Clement Consulting support you to develop your team. We draw up the roadmap in collaboration with you. We are not fixated on what ‘one’ does or what ‘one’ doesn’t do. As a result, problems are solved by roles being clarified and tasks being defined.  

You as the client provide the pilot team(s), people who know their metier without question and also have the necessary social competencies. At the same time, these employees need the energy of pioneers and must not be the strongest proponents of the existing paradigm.

The people involved get to know each another, their functions and their tasks. Who is responsible for what? Where do which competences, expectations, goals lie?

Especially in virtual/remote teams, it is fundamentally important to clarify these issues, as they work at a distance in many respects. The geographical distance represents only one factor. Particularly in the case of teams operating internationally, cultural differences play a key role and cultural distance has to be overcome.

The economic and technological conditions of the global market are leading to ever faster modification processes, which, in turn, demand time-limited project work across different locations, cultures and organisations. Here managers are faced with unique challenges, in that they have to be able to manage from a distance, possess intercultural know-how as well as judge correctly and utilise differing distance situations.

We support you in creating the necessary trust, finding the right communication channels, recognising cultural differences and making these productive for your project at all levels of your remote teams.