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1. Start

People fundamentally have two motives for learning and change. It is joy, found most frequently among children or in start-up and innovation phases. And it is pain. In companies, this is the most common reason to permit change. What is to change how and how do we measure its success?

American-GermanEach company develops its paradigm, its culture, in which the employees live and work. A paradigm consists of a set of rules, specifications and patterns of interaction that are generally recognised and form the basis for common action.
In a positive scenario, a paradigm directs and concentrates all energy into the decisive entrepreneurial tasks. This results in a growing trust in the capabilities of employees and, finally, in success. In a negative scenario, a company’s culture makes it blind to new opportunities and prevents timely changes and adjustments.

Where does your company stand and what contribution do you expect from us? The team at Ute Clement Consulting is not involved in the existing paradigm and not embedded in its social context. We therefore do not have to give up anything or let anything go. Our external viewpoint ensures an neutral perspective.

IntegrationsmodellIf we are invited to make our contribution, we accept the task conscientiously. We start a process of clarification:

  • What are the relevant questions?
  • What goals need to be formulated?
  • How can success and target attainment be measured?
  • How do you know that the change or integration process, etc. has been successful?

We are not hesitating to address problems and uncomfortable truths openly. We reveal the necessity and the appropriate approaches for change. No project without urgency; it is important to regularly show the necessity for change.